The human fingers has been used for many purposes, some, nature itself may not have planned but man inquisition beyond the normal or ordinary have explore or currently exploring either for good or otherwise.

Many people are already familiar with Ben Carson’s gifted hands either through the book or the movie but most people are shock to hear about Nnorom Samuel “gifted fingers”.

Some may be of the opinion that its just a way to get attention but a quest into the creative feats of this young African palette will convince you to think twice before passing your judgement.

Nnorom Samuel is a Nigerian visual artist whose journey started at the tender age of 8 which led to his apprenticeship to a master to horn his innate talent by age 11. At the completion of his secondary education, he started working with several masters, art collectors and galleries before he got admitted to study at the University where he bagged Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Fine and Applied arts (Sculpture major).

Among his awards are
3rd and 1st prize winner of National Art Gallery art competition 2010 and 2012 respectively.

“Best concept”of the year 2016 at Life in my city art festival.

NNPC and Chevron Teacher Achievements Award 2017.

Enlisted best 20 artist in 2017 at Life in my city art festival.

Best 100 at the Union bank art challenge, 2017.

Exhibition history include; His solo exhibition “contemporary renaissance” 2013, NGA 2013 and 2015, Splendid art exhibition (2013), Puscat art festival (2013), LIMCAF 2011, 2013, 2014.

With a childhood inspiration from nature and imagination, Samuel practice realistic paintings and sculptures in addition to his new found love for footwear’s.

More of his works are available on Instagram

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“Africa; where the human race begin, about a billion people live here. It is a continent with an incredible diversity of communities and cultures. Yet, we know less of it’s history than almost anywhere else in the world today. But that’s beginning to change over the last few decades, researchers and archaeologists have began to uncovered a range of history as impressive and extraordinary as anywhere else on earth. It is a history which have been neglected for years. Its largely without written records, but it is preserved in the gold and statues, the cultures, arts and legends of the people” Dr. Gus Casely- Hayford.


Artist: Christian Allison

While this assertion gives a summation of what Africa is, the researcher forget to add that some of these history are expressed in tales and folklores across the continent.

The Tales from within art exhibition by seven young Nigerian artists recently held at the National Museum Lagos,Nigeria help reenact what life in ancient Africa looks like although in a visual narration of diverse societal themes and topics.

Title: (Left to Right) HANNIBAL and ENEMY OF THE STATE

Artist: Ikechukwu Eseigwe

As described by Akintayo Akintobi, “tales are known to be told like stories, heard like mysteries and documented like imaginary events, but in this context, takes are seen, understood and documented”.

Title:(Left to Right) RESURRECTION and TÍTA RÍRO

Artist: David Olatoye

The artists are Omoniyi Gabriel who draws from the astonishing activities of mankind born out of struggle between wisdom and madness or dreams and realities in human mind which can be felt through all the senses. Christian Allison examine day to day human activities within his environment through his passion for recreation of reality and images while Daniel Ajayi mixed media incorporates some elements of fashion into its breathtaking creations. Ikechukwu Ezeigwe paintings calls the public attention to societal menace through his animal in human clothes expressionistic paintings.

Artist: Omoniyi Gabriel


Artist: Akintayo Akintobi

Olatoye David pen paintings visually narrates the daily human activities that resonates while Emmanuel Eweje’s works which were masterfully render in rich Africa palette of threads and motifs proffer possible solutions to national development and gender equality.

Titled:(Left to Right) IGBA LAYE (time is life) and THE PEASANT

Artist:Daniel Ajayi


Artist: Emmanuel Eweje

Tales from within not only visually expressed the inner form of arts into reality of these young comrades as observed by Daniel Ajayi but cover a wide range of topics for discussion in making the world a better place to live.


The flora and fauna of the planet earth has been a major source of inspiration for man from time immemorial. From the cave art of Africa to the modern art of Europe and across the ocean to the contemporary art of America, humans have draws from the infinite gift of nature for their palette which Africa is not exempted from.

As a self taught artist who grew up in a country with rich art, history, heritage and traditions; New England area of the United States of America. The artistic creations of Precious Henshaw are unique in every way, colour, style, theme, inspiration even with the rich African palette that fills her works.

She is a multi talented artist who express her dreams and visions with diverse milliu such as writing, music, visual art or their marriages. Her works has evolved from being quite abstract to been more in the realms of realism and surrealism, with a strong focus on portraiture even though more of them focus on the feminine figures.


Precious Henshaw believes that her style called “Floracosm” a term she coined for the surrealist world she explore in her works is the best universe base on the comfort she derives in it. Floracosm is the combination of two words, Flora (plant life) and Paracosm (a detailed imaginary world). Precious use her floracosm to express her fears, desires and emotions, although this world of hers had been her personal night sojourn from her tender age of four with it’s scary and gorgeousness without rules or logic.

Precious visions inspired by the combination of objects of nature and music she listen to are key source of her floracosm art pieces with the sole aim of transporting her audience into her alternate universe with its feelings of nostalgic, sensuality, gloom and awe.

Her current challenge is time factor due to the more complex ideas and proper finishing of each art piece.

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Visit her online shop while more of her works are available on Instagram and time lapses of her drawing and painting process can be watched on YouTube


The need to create is the reason why some individuals became artists while some chose the road of art because of the joy, happiness and inner fulfilment that arts brings. Although some are of the belief that objects of arts must be created using precious and eternal materials such as stones, marble and etcetera while some other believes otherwise.

However, one major commonality of human art over the ages is it’s dynamic nature, either as regards material, tools or execution even though some tools and materials are more resonant irrespective of the period or region they exist in.
While it is believe to be one of the oldest form of human expression due to its specialized form which precede written communication and the advent of written language as evident in the upper Paleolithic cave and rock paintings found across the globe. The prominence of drawing in the world of art throughout much of history can not be over emphasized.

From the 14th century when paper became available, the role of drawing started to change from being just a prerequisite foundation for artistic practice to a tool for thought or study and a probing tool for final artistic concept.

The introduction of perspective by the Renaissance artists however brought about a great sophistication which enable artists to represent objects in more realistic dimension than before with masters including:
14th, 15th and 16th: Leonardo da Vinci • Albrecht Dürer • Hans Holbein the Younger • Michelangelo • Pisanello • Raphael
17th: Claude • Jacques de Gheyn II • Guercino • Nicolas Poussin • Rembrandt • Peter Paul Rubens • Pieter Saenredam
18th: François Boucher • Jean-Honoré Fragonard • Giovanni Battista Tiepolo • Antoine Watteau
19th: Aubrey Beardsley • Paul Cézanne • Jacques-Louis David • Honoré Daumier • Edgar Degas • Théodore Géricault • Francisco Goya • Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres • Pierre-Paul Prud’hon • Odilon Redon • John Ruskin • Georges Seurat • Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec • Vincent van Gogh
20th: Max Beckmann • Jean Dubuffet • M. C. Escher • Arshile Gorky • George Grosz • Paul Klee • Oscar Kokoschka • Käthe Kollwitz • Alfred Kubin • André Masson • Alphonse Mucha • Jules Pascin • Pablo Picasso • Egon Schiele • Jean-Michel Basquiat • Andy Warhol • Frank Auerbach
21st: Tracey Emin • Banksy • Hayao Miyazak

There exist several categories of drawing which includes; figure, cartoon, doodle, freehand and so on while methods are not limited to line drawing, stippling, pointillism, tracing, entopic graphomania, sketch among others.


The drawings of Oghenekevwe Ekrokpe, an African female artist of Nigeria origin expressed the desire to create using pencils.
Her creative prowess which started from young age has now fully matured making her art palette one of a kind among her contemporaries.


Basically one of the reasons Kevwe’s Dad permitted her to study fine art was due to a drummer on a stand she made out of a bridal train bouquet and carton which further shows her creative ingenuity with recycle materials from her tender age.

Oghenekevwe draws from her inner energy of expression for inspiration even with time factor as a major challenge to her creations. Although unlike many other artists of her genre, her works covers divers themes ranging from portraiture, still life, life modeling and so on.


More of her works are available on Instagram


Osun state or state of Osun as some call it, is a major landmark among other states in Nigeria which distinguished this hub among other location across Africa palette.

Apart from housing the ancient kingdom of Ife; the ancestral home of the Yoruba’s, the seat of the Ooni who is the paramount ruler of the entire Yoruba nation.

From the civilization that produced the Ife terracotta and bronze art down to the establishment of the Mbari Mbayo art center in Oshogbo by Ulli and Georgina Beier after a successful Mbari cultural center in Ibadan in 1961 whose students were mostly primary and secondary art teachers and Zaria art graduates not to forget the Ori- olokun art club which later metamorphosed into the prestigious department of fine and applied arts of the Obafemi Awolowo University. Osun state also holds a vital point in Nigeria art history.


While years have rolled by, this state continues to produce diverse talents through the diverse platforms available either formal, semiformal or informal education among which Olaniyi Sunday Olaniran stands out from.

potraiture_beads on board

The award winning African and Nigeria-born Olaniyi Sunday Olaniran, a self taught visual artist per excellence and fine art instructor is a multi talented artist who explore different mediums to creates his arts.

With the use of art as a therapeutic channel to express his inner thoughts, emotions and feelings rather than the realistic expression of his study (image or object). Olaniyi draw’s from the enormous inspirations of nature and his immediate environment and sensations for his creations.


His artistic journey which started from a young age have evolved over the years. From his arts in primary through secondary education ages when he discovered his interest and talent through the creation of intricate designs using chalk, pencils, needles and razor blades as tools on discarded schools lookers.

metal sculpture

Today, Olaniyi’s works are identify by the careful assemblage of tiny beads with rich palette colors identifiable with Africa.
More of his works are available on Facebook


The word “cloudscape” s defined as a view or pictorial representation of a cloud formation. Furthermore, clouds is explained as the visible mass of particles of condensed vapor (as water or ice) suspended in the atmosphere of a planet (as the earth) or moon or a commonly visible mass of minute particles suspended in the air or a gas even though the advent of technology has also created special computers or internet connections that support storing files in the cloud against the visible and static storage facilities or devices that were in use decades ago.

However, the 100 days cloudscape project tagged “ENVIRONMENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY DOCUMENTATION” recently launched by the director of PGrafix, Pelumnius, is not just a pictorial view of the Nigerian air space but a call to evaluation about the country’s airspace.


While many artists and researchers have focus more on the landscape terrain, only few efforts had been geared towards the cloudscape of Nigeria sovereignty. With photographs which covers diverse topics and titles or themes, the cloudscape project brings to limelight the effects of humans activities on the troposphere.

Although, many scientists are doing their possible best in ensuring a habitable environment for all living organisms either in the air, on  land, inside the earth or the aqua areas, pgrafix believes that more needs to be done as regards the cloudscape. The project sited the issue of gas flaring, release of toxic waste to the atmosphere, electricity cables and other public activities as major contamination of the cloudscape which effects are currently experience in some locations including Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


Part of the objectives of the project is to sensitize the public, private and government institutions on the need to enacts laws that will help in protecting the atmosphere so as to avert some historical events repeating themselves in a country like Nigeria whose population is rising daily.


The project is still ongoing till August and the progress of the project can be followed on Instagram @pgrafix.


North to South, East to West; the euphoria that comes with the new birth of children cannot be over emphasized. Man and animals, insect’s and birds reproduce after their kind not because of the hope for better future but also as natural catalyst for procreation of all living things irrespective of their class in biological theories.

Like stars on earth, a solo art exhibition by an African artist of Nigerian origin, Joshua Adeyemi. Adeyemi reiterates the preciousness of children to man across cultures, races, location.


Smiling star 1

With the vision to visually speak to the innermost depth of his audience mind through the window of the children’s eyes and their untainted features such as forgiveness, love, kindheartedness, trust, creativity among others. Joshua Adeyemi, a neo- traditional Nigerian born visual artist celebrated the unique nature of children through his exhibition “like stars on earth” in Ogbomosho.

From ‘Black posterity’ (Inu ikoko dudu ni Eko fun fun ti jade) which was masterfully created by the careful juxtaposition of raw charcoal that littered his immediate environment with rich acrylic contrasting colours and recycled ankara fabrics on canvas. Joshua Adeyemi reminds the audience the need to choose a better path in life journey as they envision a better lives for themselves and their families or love one’s not considering the diverselife challenges, storms while growing up also corroborated by another painting, “Resilient ” which portrayed an African child portraiture with bold face and an unwavering stare at his viewers.


Black posterity (Inu ikoko dudu ni Eko fun fun ti jade)

The artist “Seed of greatness” a piece from his Guaranteed trust bank series visually expressed the dream of an expecting mother. Joshua spiced the piece with powerful motifs drawn from his personal palette and African traditions and cultures which connotation includes how mother’s care for their seeds, support them through thick and thin, source of encouragement among other coded messages.


Seed of greatness

Other works includes; Smiling star 1 and 2 which express the smiling faces of boy and girl with their contagious facial expressions. The ‘Acts of Anidobi’ and ‘Acts of Ajimobi” were among other works that further concretize the varse knowledge with materials experimentation of Joshua Adeyemi.

Other works are Adulawo, Moonlight dancer, Deprived, Best of friends, Alamu 1, Shakara, Particles of tomorrow and numerous drawings and watercolor art pieces.



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With this first bold step by Joshua Adeyemi which documents his creations as a sojourner in Ogbomosho for his one year compulsory national youth service shows crystal clear the readiness of this young African artist with a rich palette of hue’s to soar with masters in this genre of art within and outside the African continent.