It wasn’t until recent years that contemporary art genre of performance art became a veritable art type especially on the African continent. However, this do not mean that this art type is new to the continent as a whole. Available evidence reveals and confirm that this art style is as old as human civilization on the continent even though its context, purpose and aims differs through the ages.

Africa today is blessed with many diverse talents who have created a gig for their choosing art practice in the global context thereby making history and receiving world recognition across locations around the globe. From biennials to performance festivals not excluding exhibition, Africa performance artists are representing the continent with their individual aims towards global happiness and better societal change.

Nevertheless, while there are many young performance artists in Nigeria art space currently. The exploration of human discipline by Taiwo Aiyedogbon performances can not be overlook. Her performances exhumes high conceptual characteristics that directly affects daily living regardless of location, culture, or race.

Taiwo was born in the early 90’s plus a foundational primary and secondary education in Ota, Ogun state, Nigeria before receiving a Higher National diploma (HND) in general arts with specialization in sculpture from Yaba college of technology (Yabatech), Lagos in 2017.

African Time Restaurant ©Taiwo Aiyedogbon

With perfomances such as African time restaurant, ipélé and many other colaborative works with artists such as Odun Orimolade, Jelili Atiku, Wura-Natasha Ogunji, Raphael Etongo amongst others. Taiwo Dennie as she is commonly called by friends and close pals have carve a unique subject niche for herself which distinguish her works from other performance and contemporary artist of this age.

Will I Still Carry WaterWhile I’m Dead

She is one of the young creative talents the continent is blessed with which puts her among the new generation of contemporary visual artist whose works questions human living irrespective of race, location or skin colour.

Aiyedogbon started performance art in her first year in Yabatech after participating and experiencing a performance art workshop organized by AFiriPerforma group (Africa performance artists) curated by Jelili Atiku, Wura- Natasha Ogunji and Odunayo Orimolade which help harnessed the creative skills she had discovered from the early age of seven.

Her performances are;

  • Lonely (group), 2013.
  • Queens (group), 2013.
  • Will I still carry water while I’m dead, 2013.
  • I will spin the ocean, 2013.
  • Masquerade (group), 2014.
  • Apace, 2015.
  • Africa time restaurant, 2015.
  • Revolve, 2016.
  • Seam line, 2016.
  • Strut (group), 2016.
  • The day before today not today ( group), 2016.
  • Ipele, 2017.
  • In red (group), 2017.
  • Computer blue (group), 2017.
  • Yellow yellow ( group), 2017.
  • Amongst us( group), 2018.